Face to Face – Album released January 25

France Tour November 2018

we had an amazing week in France! almost all shows were SOLD OUT! in 2019 we will visit often.. stay tuned!

Asia Tour 2018

We had an amazing two weeks playing in Jarasum Jazz Festival (South Korea), The Forbidden City Concert Hall (China), Taichung Jazz Festival (Taiwan), and many other beautiful concerts hall! the crowd was truly unbelievable! we met amazing people, We discovered amazing food and new flavors.. see you again in 2019

Solo Piano at the CCK in Buenos Aires

The solo performance was amazingly exciting. all tickets for the show were taken in less than 24 hours, and the audience went with Uriel on a 70 minute journey.

We finally finished recording the album!

It was such a special process that some of my favorite musicians in the world took part in it.
Very soon it will be released worldwide! stay tuned!