“White Night“ Rhapsody for Jazz Quartet and Orchestra.

Three years ago i experienced a night i will never forget.
Today im very exited to share with you the musical version of that night – “White Night“ Rhapsody for Jazz Quartet and Orchestra.


European Tour

France was crazy!! we met so many good people, we made new friends, and we played on major stages – the Duc Des Lombards in Paris and Festival Nuits du Sud in Vence. in Czech Republic we played in the beautiful Folkové prázdniny Festival in the middle of the forest.. it was magical!

China Tour

the tour in China was amazing!

next stop – France!

“White Night” Rhapsody for Jazz Quartet & Orchestra

Collaboration with the Chengdu Big band Orchestra! Playing together my new arangment “Rhapsody for Jazz Quartet and Orchestra – White Night”
Soon some videos from the concert..

Uriel Herman Quartet – “Hour of the wolf” live in Taichung Jazz Festival