“The audience applauds, standing up and still standing claiming three reminders, three times …”

Patrick Beyne (Action Jazz, France)

 “Bowie’s work is similar, Herman throws him into an oriental cauldron and “hears” in a colourful virtuosity. The effect relieves the legs. One of the best covers in the history of broadly understood entertainment music!

(Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji, Poland)

“It’s a mesmerising journey we are offered. At first, the
flute leads to the piano path Uriel Herman: every touch,
like a slow waltz, a little unbalanced, drives us;
some accelerations, and we slow down. The steps are counted to a dreamy country. We are let it rock, it must be admitted, to the very rhythmic tempo that stakes..”

Anne Maurellet (La Gazette Bleue, France)

“There are some musicians who can create the obvious. A few musicians who are told that every gesture, every note, every moment, the choice made was not only brilliant, it was the only possibility to create this beauty. It’s obvious. Tonight, Uriel Herman’s quartet smashed the gigantic door behind Brian Blade and his brothers and sisters of the obvious. 

Alexandre Fournet (France)

 “New signature of the Laborie Jazz Label, the pianist Uriel Herman released on January 25, 2019 his new album “Face to Face”. Bearer of all the musical influences of the artist, the opus invites to enter a world whose shores oscillate between fire and meditation. To discover.

 “This singular and modern approach to music, reinforced by the passion and dexterity of the musicians who accompany it, makes Uriel Herman one of the most exciting pianists on the scene today. A blow of heart and an unavoidable discovery.

France Musique

“Pianist with pronounced lyricism (“Hayu leylot”) and in the indisputable melodic sense (“Shva Esre”), Herman swims in oriental music like a fish in the water (“Shirat Hachalil”), likes solemn atmospheres (“I Shall Not Die, But Live”), but also polyrhythm (“Hour Of The Wolf”), and keeps on all occasions a hands-free from the classical music (“Winter Light”)

Bob Hatteau (Jazz à bâbord, France)

Eepic multi-genre masterpiece

The jewish standard (USA)

 “A journey that we accept without hesitation, guided at every moment by the brilliant accuracy of the pianist.

Alexandre Fournet (Alter Ego Magazine, France)

“Four years ago, classically-trained pianist Uriel Herman woke up in a brave new world of instrumentals and improvisation. His debut album Awake proved a refreshing addition to the Israeli jazz scene, and even snuck its way onto Haaretz’s top 20 list. Fresh off back-to-back tours, The Jerusalem Post asked Herman about his latest album, his classical roots and how radio stations feel about his 10-minute jazz rhapsodies. 

Jennifer Gerrnberg (The Jerusalem Post)

“Interview with Uriel Herman: Soul of course. And intellect is learning and development

Simon Sargsyan (jazz blues news)

“Who expected the unusual experience of performances by the Israeli foursome URIEL HERMAN QUARTET, got much more than “just” oriental jazz! When young musicians from the Near East started playing immediately got a full house”

Jan Hocek (Jazz Port Cz)

“Herman’s group resembled insolent heretics as they performed untoward acts on a form that’s often treated like a fragile antique by their American counterparts.  Pianist Herman, saxophonist and flautist Uriel Weinberger, bassist Avri Borochov and drummer Haim Peskoff exuded correspondingly rebellious swagger. “

Plastic Sax (Kansas City, USA)

“Israeli pianist Uriel Herman is now one of the brightest and most original pianists and composers of the younger generation”

Marcin Pulawski (Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji Poland)

“Uriel Herman, a young Israeli pianist, with a promising future, was presented for the first time in our country, in the Sala Argentina of the Kirchner Cultural Center”

 Vis A Vis Magazine (Argentina)

“Those how attended the concert of Uriel Herman Trio enjoyed the surprise of wakeing up completely absorbed in the spell of colourful and energetic interpretations, frenetic rhythms and melodic sequences”

Ioana Beadea (bistriteanul, Romania)

“Your music sounds profound and undeniably profound your improvisational skills on the piano. Where does your inspiration and dedication come from?”

George Morphitis (Parathyro Magazine, Cyprus)

“Uriel concert during the festival made a huge impression on me, so naturally I started to follow his artistic actions. Instinct did not disappoint me, because every second of the album “Awake” is worthy of the highest attention.”

Marcin Pulawski (Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji)

 Enjoy this new colour of Jazz ! We are looking forward to his third album.

Christian Grimauld (Couleurs Jazz Fr)

 “Uriel Herman plays exactly the kind of brilliant music, where you sit transfix. if you know the bassist Avishai Cohen and Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, try to imagine that the miracle had transformed, than you can have a taste of Uriel’s music”

(Full Moon Magazine)

 “Uriel Herman Quartet Ethereal dreamy melody when you close your eyes, forget the worries of everyday life and brought you into the world in which things are happening between heaven and earth.״

Jana Vondrušová (hudebni knihovna Cz)

 “Relax, unwind, close your eyes, and listen to this one of a kind music that will uplift your soul.”

(The Jewish Standard)

 “Smells Like Teen Spirit has never sounded more oriental. A true masterpiece!”

Marcin Pulawski (Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji)

“Feast for the eyes! Amazing skills!”

Yan High (Egg News China)

 “The pianist-leader brought a classical touch and mastery of complex rhythms to an exhilarating programme of ‘Bach-to-Brazil’ “

Bob Weiri (Jazzjournal UK)

 “In just a little over 6 minutes Uriel Herman will take you on a ride across the emotional spectrum”

CMUSE Magazine (global)

 “Israel’s top jazz band played beautiful notes for Chengdu blind children’s” 

Sina News (domestic news China)

 “Uriel is responsible for the piano, when he play, your soul came out.. the piano like a British gentleman , polite, firm, takes your soul away. you go along with the piano, without a trace of doubt!” 

Present & Life (Chengdu China)

 “Uriel’s Music is a fusion of Jazz eastern music and progressive rock, and you can here the Israeli and classical sounds”

Amir Ascher (haaretz)

 “Winter Light: New Video Clip: All this Jazz – Radiohead Feel”

Ami Fridman & Anat Taicher (Ynet)

“Herman’s melodies with their contrasting harmonies, clashing tones, contrapuntal but simultaneously melodic and almost lyrical, grow on you and resonate with a familiar, pleasant sound.”

Merav Yudilovich (Ynet)

I will join Herman in another journey of ‘Awakening’. I have no doubt about that! Those are the places I wish to get to over and over.”

Yossi Harsonski

Top 5 “Israeli Jazz” albums: “In the album “Awake”, Herman’s takes the listener on a journey between hypnotic instrumental pieces and compositions to poems in his unique way… ”

Raz Israeli (nrg)

“Herman’s melodies with their contrasting harmonies, clashing tones, contrapuntal but simultaneously melodic and almost lyrical, grow on you and resonate with a familiar, pleasant sound.”

Merav Yudilovich (Ynet)

“an explosion of magnitude 8 on the Rechter-Kanner or Wirtzburg-Gelbatz scale.”

Ben Shalev (Haaretz)

“In the context of the Israeli world of music this is history-making – the encounter between two young talents that will produce an explosion of impressive music. This can be compared to the historic combinations of the 70s between artists who went on to become part of the Israeli musical genome”

” ‘Half Colors, Half Voices’ is an impressive presentation from musicians who are two of the greatest talents developing in our midst. Pay attention to them!”

Avi Efrati (Yedioth Aharonot)

Herman has given new meaning to one of the greatest anthems in the history of rock. He takes it to new places musically, and wordlessly he adds value to his jazz as being the prerogative of all young people regardless of their musical preferences.

Zeev Tenne (Fishtank Magazin)

Hermans mix – interview” 

Barry Davis (The Jerusalem Post)

Uriel wrote “White Night” After participating in a shamanic ceremony in Costa Rica – this piece itself, as played in Suzanne Dellal Center, is worthy to the best of the world’s finest festivals “

Yossi Harasinski (Harsonsky Music)

Two young mans (aged 21) decided to take a book of poems by Rachel and make it a worthy project featuring some of the most prominent artists in the country”

Or Barnea (Ynet)

“Best 15 albums in 2009 Israel”

Ben Shalev (Haaretz)

Ehud and Uriel are successfully moving between classical Music and jazz, provide upgraded orchestrations and improvisations to the songs”

Yossi Harasinski (Harsonsky Music)

Excellent musicians accompanying Herman in this Quality new album

Beni Eitan (Ham BaOzen)

“Uriel Herman Quartet will offer a Jazz feast to the public in Chengdu and Chingqing”

Tang Yue Yun (Sichuan Daily)

Interview with Herman About his New Album”

Jacob Bar On (“The Post”, “Maariv”)

“Israel’s top jazz band pleyed wonderful tunes for blind children’s” 

Yang Yi Wang Mian

“Great song, makes you want to hear more

Doron Gal (“Mako”)

“The Orchestra invited Uriel Herman Quartet! now the public can enjoy world-class jazz” 

Chengdu news SNG (China) 

Interview to Beit Avi Chai , with Herman About “Shearey Shamayim”

Carmit Wait (“Beit Avi-Chai”) 

The melodies are moving between rhythms of jazz and classical music, as it should be for tow musicians that came from the classical piano and double bass.”

Tal Gordon (The Stage)